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It’s 2018, and with today’s technology you can access almost anything from your phone, so why not your water softener? There is now an app for that. The technology behind Wripli® WiFi enabled water treatment systems provides an application to give you meaningful updates on your water softener system right on your smartphone or other mobile devices.

wripli logoA Wripli-enabled water softener can be set to wirelessly receive important notifications and transfer crucial system information to your smartphone. The Wripli app for water softener systems is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store  Or if you prefer, you can also access vital information about your water purification system from your computer by signing on to the Wripli website.

Prairie State Water Solutions is a WaterCare dealer that offers affordable water softener systems to homes in St. Charles, Illinois and other surrounding areas. Our water softeners are compatible with the new Wripli mobile apps and service to help ensure ease of maintenance. View the benefits of using Wripli with your water softener system below. Learn more about the features of the Wripli mobile apps and service.


Wripli makes it easy to monitor salt usage in your water softener system and receive mobile alerts when salt levels are running low. Homeowners no longer are required to check their water softener units to confirm salt levels and are able to easily order new water softener salt when they receive a notification. Our customers in St. Charles, Illinois, and other areas can also now opt for service reminders and system status checks to keep abreast of their water softener maintenance needs.

Wripli is also able to display the total amount of water running (water flow) through your home in real time, the total number of gallons of water consumed in your home every day, the remaining amount of water your water softener system can treat before regenerating and the water usage history in your home. This app for water softeners can transform you into a more informed homeowner and allows you to learn about the process of how your water softens and monitor your usage – perhaps you can even begin your quest to use less water!

Another benefit of the Wripli mobile apps and service is remote service checks, saving you both time and money. Wripli allows the specialists at Prairie State Water Solutions to monitor your water softener system without traveling to your home. Digital resources to the rescue! Also, turn on “Vacation Mode” from anywhere on your mobile device with your app. This will save money while you are away from home by preventing unnecessary water usage by your water softener system.

The best part is that now you can connect on the app with your friends at Prairie State Water Solutions. Contact a specialist at Prairie State Water Solutions with questions about Wripli or our water softener systems. We offer premium and efficient water softeners for homes in St. Charles and other surrounding areas.

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The Wripli app allows technicians to treat water softeners as if they were physically in front of them, featuring comprehensive menus and settings that are easy to navigate. As a result, technicians can manage and program changes directly from their officeWhen hands-on support is required, technicians can better assess and prepare for the situation by reviewing the status of your home water softener system prior to leaving the shop. Because let’s face it: “My water softener is not working!” doesn’t help pinpoint the potential issue.

Prairie State Water Solutions is proud to offer this groundbreaking new technology to its customers and water softener systems. We are certain that you will the Wripli mobile apps and service to be extremely helpful. This new service will ease the process of maintaining water softener systems. We offer water softeners that are compatible with Wripli in St. Charles, Illinois and a large variety of other areas. Contact us today for more help getting started with Wripli. Trust us: once you are set up, you will not believe how easy it really is.

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