If you are looking to improve the quality of water throughout your home, contact Prairie State Water Solutions located in St. Charles, IL. We provide water softener installation and services in the surrounding area.


The water in St Charles can beWater Softener St. Charles IL extremely hard, meaning that the unfiltered water in your home contains an excess amount of minerals like magnesium, iron, and more. This can cause not only minor inconveniences like cloudy glassware and staining on your shower but also long-term problems. If left unattended, hard water can erode the finishing on your faucets and build up in your pipes, which, over time, decreases the life of your appliances.  


With our line of CareSoft Series® water softeners, following installation, you will notice that any problems you’ve had with your dishes, clothes, skin, or pipes will disappear. There is a wide variety of products offered to fit your home's specific needs, including specific capacity units. 


Call us at 1-630-864-7078, to schedule an estimate, an in-home consultation, or water testing, or read more below about the units and services that are offered. We look forward to helping you achieve ideal water quality in your home. 

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