Water Softener Batavia, ILIf the water quality of your home is important to you, then you’ll want to have a water softener installed in your Batavia, IL home. Most homes in the area experience the effects of hard water. Hard water can lead to various issues throughout your home because of the excessive amount of minerals that make their way into the water you use every day. These problems can range anywhere from water damage to kitchen and bathroom fixtures, to gradual erosion of pipes in your home. 


To eliminate hard water, contact Prairie State Water Solutions Inc., for water softener installation and service in Batavia, Illinois. We offer a line of WaterCare products that can guarantee clean, safe water throughout your home. With the line of CareSoft Series® water softeners, you can put an end to these problems and instantly improve your quality of water. 


Learn more about our products by looking through the rest of our website, or by scheduling an in-home consultation, water testing, or an estimate. We look forward to providing services to help you achieve your desired quality of water. 

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