What's Wrong With My Water in St. Charles?

Saturday, April 13th, 2019 by Nick Koz


What's wrong with my water in st charles il 


Hard water can cause many issues for home owners that you might have experienced. From minor annoyances like unsightly calcium build up on your faucets and shower heads to the more expensive problems like appliances wearing out prematurely, hard water can be quite problematic.


If you live in St. Charles Il and do not have a water softener or you have an older water softener system, then you’ve likely experienced the culprits of living with hard water.


If you’ve noticed one of the following in your water:


· Skin doesn’t feel clean

· Glassware doesn’t sparkle

· Mineral deposit builds up on plumbing fixtures

· Reduced appliance life (washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, etc. )

· Shower head covered with white calcium deposits

If you’ve experienced any of these issues it may be time to consider having a water softener installed in your home or time to upgrade your existing system because if you have a water softener and are still seeing build up, it may be past its useful life expectancy.

Soft water provides the following benefits:


· No more mineral deposit build up on faucets and shower heads

· Less soap residue build up

· Fabrics will last longer, whites will stay whiter

· Softer skin and hair

· Shinier glassware and dishware, tiles and mirrors

· Longer appliance life


Water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators aren’t cheap to replace. An investment in a water softener is well worth the money once you consider the cost of purchasing major appliances sooner than you would usually replace them.


Another reason to consider a water softener for your home in St. Charles, IL is that even the water lines connected to your refrigerator’s ice-maker can become clogged due to mineral build-up and cause leaking, or even cause your ice-maker to fail prematurely. Water damage from leaks can become quite costly as dry wall and flooring repairs can quickly exceed the cost of the appliance.

Having your water tested by our water specialists at Prairie State Water Solutions, Inc will provide you with an honest evaluation of the quality of your water our specialists can recommend the best water softener for your needs. Call us at 630.864.7078.

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