Is it Time to Replace My Water Softener

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 by Nick Koz

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Water softeners aren’t typically top of mind until they stop working properly but they are important to replace when they start showing signs of age in order to preserve the life of your more expensive appliances like dishwashers, water heaters and washing machines.


The life-span of a water softener is affected by these three factors:


If it’s been more than ten years, you will want to consider upgrading your water softener. Having a new water softener installed is important to do before you start noticing issues because near the end of its life a water softener will be unable to strip out the harder minerals allowing them to flow through your home which decreases the life span of other appliances.


Just like with anything else, technology has come a long way and new systems are more energy efficient. Old water softeners used a time clock to tell the system when to regenerate and clean itself whether it was every other day, every three days, etc. whether the system needed to cycle or not. This old method is very inefficient and wastes water, salt and electricity.


When to replace your water softener:


Upgrading to a new water softener is a smart choice to protect the life of your appliances and to keep your home cleaner. With new technology you’ll see increased effectiveness and efficiency.


The water softeners Prairie State Water Solutions installs have proportional regeneration that save salt, water and electricity using W.E.T.TM(Water Efficient Technology) which is capable of saving a whopping 50% of the water and salt used by today’s high-efficiency systems.


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Prairie State Water Solutions has been serving the St. Charles area for more than twenty years – we’re your local water experts. We have factory trained staff, and over 50 years of experience on staff as well!

If you know it’s time to replace your water softener for your St. Charles home then reach out to us at 630.864-7078.

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