Does it Make Sense to Rent a Water Softener If I'll be Selling My House?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 by Nick Koz

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Renting Appliances Rarely Makes Economic Sense

If you’re going to be moving in a few years it’s logical to think that renting a water softener is a smart strategy so you don’t invest too much money into your current home. Although we understand there is a constant dilemma of how much work you should do now in order to keep it livable and appealing to the market versus saving money to invest in your future home, it’s rarely a good idea to rent. It can sound like a great idea to have a low monthly cost, but renting appliances as opposed to purchasing them is usually not the best option.


If you’re renting your water softener the potential buyer would have to factor in the cost of buying and installing a water softener – something they simply may not want to deal with. To sell quickly, you want to make it easy for someone to buy your house – not more difficult.


Make Selling Your Home Easier

When buyers are looking at homes, they expect the price to reflect major appliances like water heaters and water softeners. Once they discover they would have to add an additional cost to purchase something as standard as a water softener – it could cost you an offer or cause them to put in a much lower offer or write in contingencies which could delay or complicate the sale of your house.


Another reason that renting a water softener doesn’t make sense is that circumstances change. Although you may plan on selling your home in two years, what happens if it sits on the market for 2 years? What if that promotion comes through and you decide not to move or your adult children move back to the area with your grandchildren down the street?


If you chose to rent your water softener but don’t move, you’ve just increased your costs unnecessarily.


Primary Reasons to Purchase Instead of Renting a Water Softener

  • No hidden costs over time
  • About half  the cost of renting (over a 10 year period)
  • When selling your house, buyers aren’t faced with additional costs


Avoid Spending Unnecessary Rental Fees

In completing price comparisons for customers we’ve found that the cost to rent can add up to almost double the cost of the purchasing a water softener. We don’t think this makes sense – which is why we don’t rent water softeners.


If your goal is to defer the entire hit of the purchase for cash flow reasons, we do offer financing. Paying just a couple hundred dollars each month for two years can save you thousands of dollars over renting the water softener over 10 years. You can apply for our financing options online.


We’re here to answer your questions and help you put the right water softener system in your home. Call us at 1-630-864-7078.









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