How to Know if it's Time to Upgrade My Water Softener

Friday, September 13th, 2019 by Nick Koz

How to Know if it's Time to Upgrade My Water Softener

The average lifetime of a water softener falls within a range between 10 – 15 years and since this is one of those hidden appliances you probably don’t think about all that often, it can be easy to forget how long it’s been since you had your existing water softener installed.


With better technology and all the increases in energy efficiency the newer models feature, it can often make sense to upgrade your existing water softener with a current model because you’ll often save money over its life span with the reduced amount of water and salt used and the overall energy efficiency you’ll gain.


A few things to look for to help you decide if you’re ready to upgrade your water softener:

  • Water seems harder than usual
  • Existing water softener is timer-based
  • Water softener is 10+ years old


One of the biggest changes in newer water softeners is the digital demand metered softeners which eliminates the unnecessary regeneration. Both running too frequently or not frequently enough can cause a waste in energy, water and salt.


The other down side to timer-based water softeners is that they run on a schedule, not based on your usage. If your kids come home from college with loads of extra laundry, and shower at different hours your water softener won’t regenerate when it needs to and that can allow hard water to flow into your home. 


If you’ve bought an older home, have been there for several years and haven’t replaced your water softener yet, now would be a good time to evaluate the health of your existing system. The current water softener may not be able to keep up with your family’s needs.


Upgrading your old time clock water softener to a new digital demand metered water softener can help you in several ways: 

  • Energy savings
  • Less water used
  • Less salt used
  • Easier maintenance
  • Cost savings over life time of water softener


Prairie State Water Solutions can help you find the perfect solution for your family’s needs. We’ve been serving the St. Charles area for more than twenty years with factory-trained staff


If you know it’s time to upgrade your water softener, then reach out to us at 1-630-864-7078.

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