How Often Does My Water Softener Need to Be Serviced?

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 by Nick Koz

How often does my water softener need to be serviced blog post


Water softeners work in the background, which is why they usually exist in a basement or garage. They aren’t meant to be a fixture in any living space. For this reason, they are out of sight and out of mind. However, your Batavia, IL water softener needs to be serviced regularly in order to soften water efficiently and maintain the life of your appliance. 

How Often Does Your Batavia, IL Water Softener Need to Be Serviced?

You think nothing of having your furnace serviced once or twice a year to be sure it’s operating efficiently and won’t fail you during your coldest days. In this same way, you should have your water softener serviced at least once a year since it’s protecting all of your water using appliances.

Typically, the answer to the question about how often your water softener needs to be serviced is simple. Annually. However, the company who sells you water treatment equipment should be able to set up an appropriate maintenance schedule at the time of purchase. Servicing may include: 

            •           Testing water hardness before and after treatment

            •           Salt delivery

            •           Brine tank cleaning and inspection

            •           Checking and refilling the filter

            •           Monitoring regeneration process

            •           Verifying water flow

            •           Cleaning and inspecting for wear

If you don’t have a maintenance plan set up with your Batavia, IL water softener vendor, there are signs that indicate you need water softening services. These include odors, mineral deposits on surfaces, irregular salt use, noisy equipment, and other signs of hard water. 

Water Softener Services Prevent Costly Replacements

Like any appliance that needs regular servicing, ensuring that regular servicing occurs is an effort in prevention. With your water softener, this prevents many costly replacements. Firstly, it prevents the early need to replace the water softener. The replacement is not your only worry. If you have hard water, it affects how your other appliances run. Minerals will buildup in your household plumbing, dishwasher, washer, water heater, and refrigerator. All of these appliances will wear more quickly if your water is not softened properly. These are also all items that carry a hefty price tag. The less often they need replaced, the heavier your wallet will be. 

How to Find Out if Your Water Softener Needs to Be Serviced

If an annual service sounds like an inaccurate estimation of how often your water softener needs to be serviced in Batavia, IL, contact your vendor. Set up a maintenance schedule that fits the needs of the water softener you have working in your home. Life is better with softened water, and the only way to ensure that your water is soft is by making sure your equipment is working properly. You’ll have cleaner laundry, softer skin, and longer-running appliances. 

Contact us to have your water softener serviced for your Batavia, IL home. Call today at 1-630-864-7078.

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