Does a Water Softener Make My Dishes Cleaner?

Monday, December 21st, 2020 by Nick Koz

Does a Water Softener Make My Dishes Cleaner Blog Post

Does a Water Softener Make My Dishes Cleaner?

If you have hard water, then your dishes are probably a consistent complaint. They always have spots, and no amount of rinse aid seems to result in a clear dish. But are those dishes dirty? The answer probably depends on your definition of clean. If clean means clear and free of mineral deposits, then a water softener makes your dishes cleaner.

Hard Water Causes Spots

If you are wondering what causes that chalky residue on your dishes, it is hard water. In St. Charles, IL, city water comes from two different aquifers. Wells are drilled into the aquifers to get water to storage reservoirs. As water runs through the ground, it picks up the minerals from the sandstone and other rock formations through which it travels. These minerals make it all the way to your home and cling to your dishes.

A Water Softener Removes Minerals

Once water from the St. Charles, IL aquifers reaches your home, it can be “de-mineralized” by a water softener. This appliance uses salt and resin beads to attract the minerals. They cling to the resin and let clean and clear water through to the faucet or appliance. The water softener is typically out of site and inaudible. Once it is installed, you get clear water without any negative side effects. 

Does a Water Softener Make My Dishes Cleaner? 

People who do not have water softeners don’t have dishes that are unhygienic, but their dishes don’t look as clean. The mineral deposits build up on surfaces, and they leave spots and haze on everything. In other words, you aren’t likely to fall ill from eating off of dishes cleaned in hard water, but they will have residue. 

Another way to ponder whether water softeners make dishes cleaner is to think about eating at a restaurant. The way you can tell if the dishes are clean or not is by a visual inspection. Hard water calls into question whether that white flake on your dish is a mineral deposit or a mashed potato remnant. A clean dish should look clean. 

If You Want Clean Dishes, Get a Water Softener

All city water must adhere to certain standards, but those standards are a minimum standard meant to keep the public safe from harmful contaminants. Those standards don’t have the purpose of ensuring your dishes are clean. That is why you must get a water softener if you want your dishes to be truly clean. Clean and clear are coupled for a reason, and you cannot get clear dishes with hard water. 

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