Do I need a water softener for my South Elgin, IL home?

Monday, March 29th, 2021 by Nick Koz

do i need a water softener for my south elgin il home


If you don’t know what a water softener does to the water coming into your home, you may be wondering why you need a water softener for your South Elgin, IL home. Buying a home appliance, especially one that you don’t see regularly, can be an unpleasant experience. The benefits of the expense are rarely recognized over the cost. But buying a water softener is different. It improves your water quality, which means softer skin, brighter laundry, longer-lasting appliances, and tastier drinking water. 


You Need a Water Softener to Improve Shower Water

One of the first things people recognize when getting a water softener installed in their South Elgin, IL home is that showers are improved. Hard water doesn’t make you dirty, but it doesn’t rinse away soap like softened water can. Showering with hard water means soap residue left behind on your skin and hair. This has a drying effect that can be worsened by underlying conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Having a water softener therefore results in softer skin and hair that is cleaner because it doesn’t have lingering soap residue. 

In addition to skin and hair, soap residue remains on shower and bath surfaces when you have hard water. Having a water softener means your soap is rinsing down the drain instead of gumming up your walls to collect dirt and increase mold and mildew growth. 


You Need a Water Softener for Your Appliances

Laundry really is brighter if you have soft water, and this happens basically for the same reasons water softeners improve the shower experience. Soap attaches to minerals and clings to clothes giving it a grey and aged appearance. Clothes washed in hard water wear quicker than those washed in soft, but water softeners do more for your appliances than give you bright laundry. 

Water softeners also remove minerals from the water that can build up in your appliances and water fixtures. This build-up makes appliances less efficient, and it lessens the appliance’s lifespan. A homeowner with a water softener in South Elgin, IL has brighter clothes but also doesn’t have to spend so much money replacing worn out appliances. 


Your South Elgin, IL Home Could Use a Water Softener

Many South Elgin, IL residents enjoy the benefits of a water softener. Those who suffer with hard water often don’t understand how much better their water quality could be. If you have questions about your water quality and what you can do to improve it, contact Prairie State Water Solutions

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