Installing a Water Softener System in South Elgin, IL

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 by Nick Koz

Installing a Water Softener System in South Elgin, IL



Water that travels from ground sources picks up minerals and becomes “hard water” prior to reaching your home. This water may appear clear, but it is harmful to your pipes and appliances, and it is a nuisance. Hard water spots on dishes and dry skin are only some of the negative effects hard water can have. That is why many people in South Elgin, IL invest in water softeners for their homes. A water softener system removes calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from your water, and installation may be performed by the company who sells the water softening product. 


Installing a Water Softener System in South Elgin, IL

There are two situations when installing a water softener, and those situations are new installs and replacement installs. If you have a replacement installation, the new system might be placed where the old system was. In new systems, location must be determined prior to installation. 

Typically, water softeners connect to the main water line, which sometimes means a little replacing may be necessary so that the outside spigot(s) can be bypassed.  Other times, it can be installed near the water heater, definitely before the water heater to reduce buildup. 

Some people in warmer regions can install their water softener outside. But, In states like Illinois which have freezing temperatures in the winter, they are installed indoors. If a location near the water heater is not available, the alternate location must have electricity and a drain accessible. These typically can be added and connected, in most homes, fairly easily. With a simple sight assessment we can easily determine your homes needs!


Tips for Water Softener System Installation in South Elgin, IL 

Even if you are having your water softener system professionally installed in South Elgin, IL, there are a few things that will improve the installation situation. The first is to begin with a clean work surface. A professional will clean the area prior to installation. If you can have the area cleared beforehand, this is helpful. 

The second tip is more of a reminder. Your water will be shut off during installation. This is important from a planning standpoint. It should only take a few hours to install your water softener system, but any job can have unexpected challenges. Plan for a few hours without water, but also have a contingency plan should the unexpected leave you without water overnight. 

Lastly, if you are considering a new installation on your own, make sure you have the skill and knowledge to safely and effectively install the water softener and meet local building codes. This includes permit and inspection requirements. These requirements are generally the reason why DIY water softener system installation is not recommended. 


Water Softener Systems Require Little Maintenance

No matter what type of water softener system you choose for your South Elgin, IL home, you will not have a significant amount of maintenance. Check with your water softener dealer to make sure you understand your maintenance requirements, and enjoy the effects of softer water in your home.


We’d love to answer your questions and help you install a water softener system in your South Elgin home. Call us at 630.864.707.





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