Water Filtration Removes PFAs from Illinois Drinking Water

Friday, June 18th, 2021 by Nick Koz

Water Filtration Removes PFAs from Illinois Drinking Water


When people think of safe drinking water, they often think of water contaminants such as lead or sewage. There is another contaminant that is of growing concern to health professionals as well as the Environmental Protection Agency, and that is PFAs. These chemicals are not often referenced by their formal name, poly- or perfluoroalkyl substances. However, they are becoming more of a household name as people look for ways to stay safe when drinking water. Thankfully, there are water filtration systems that can remove PFAs from Illinois drinking water (and anywhere a proper filtration system can be used).


Why Remove PFAs from Your Drinking Water? 

As a lesser-known water contaminant, PFAs have not been high on the list of things people want to remove from their water. That is changing as more research indicates that there are widespread PFAs in the environment. Exposure to high levels of PFAs may also be a concerning health risk resulting in everything from low birth rates to high cholesterol. 


One of the most-concerning things about PFAs is that they don’t break down (at least not quickly) over time. This leads to a build-up of this harmful substance in your body as you age. A recent study indicated that all breastmilk samples in one U.S. study were contaminated with PFAs. This could mean that people begin their journey to PFA toxicity as early as infancy. Local and national agencies have increased their attention to this potential harmful substance and its prevalence in the environment. 


What Type of Water Filtration Removes PFAs from Illinois Drinking Water?

Not all water filtration systems are equal, and your pitcher water filter or filtered water dispenser in your refrigerator is unlikely to remove many or all PFAs. Instead, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) or multi-stage filtration system must be used to effectively reduce or remove PFAs from Illinois drinking water. 


Because RO systems are often point-of-use systems, it may be more feasible to install a whole-home multi-stage filtration system to clarify all water entering the house from municipal or well-water sources. In the case of private wells, it is highly recommended that water is tested and then filtered because it doesn’t undergo the scrutiny of safe drinking water regulation. 


Lastly, make sure that your Illinois drinking water is safe from PFA contamination by ensuring that your water filtration system is certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS substances, which are types of PFAs. Also, purchase your filtration system from a reputable, authorized dealer who can make sure your system is installed and working properly. 


You can reduce the harmful effects of contaminated drinking water with a whole-home water filtration system, which will ensure you have clean and safe drinking water.


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