Water Softener System Repair

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 by Nick Koz

Water Softener System Repair


When you have a quality water softener and enjoy the benefits of it, a change in water quality can be disheartening. You might notice water spots on your dishes, or your laundry won’t seem to get as clean. Even worse, hard water can wear out and shorten the life of your appliances. That is why it is important to take heed of signs that you need water softener system repair, or it will cost you additional money over time. 


Signs You Need Water Softener System Repair

The water in St. Charles, IL comes from one of two aquifers, which means it contains minerals from the Earth. This isn’t a terrible thing, but it does mean that your home’s water will contain a higher-than-desired amount of minerals. Signs of hard water and that you might need water softener system repair include: 

  • Soap residue on skin and hair after a shower
  • Spots on dishes
  • Scratchy clothes
  • Scales on plumbing fixtures
  • Soap scum on the sink and tub basins
  • Scaly buildup on a coffee pot
  • Resin beads in plumbing (clogging faucet aerator)

Many of the signs that you need water softener system repair can be intermittent or difficult to identify. Aside from resin beads clogging the faucet, each person has their limit to how much hard water they are willing to handle. In any case, hard water can cause an increased amount of damage and distress over time. 


What is Water Softener System Repair? 

What actually occurs during a water softener system repair depends on the situation. The repair person may have to replace the control head, unclog valves, or clean and rebuild the mineral or brine tank. Each of these tasks requires very little in the form of tools and will be fairly simple to complete, but this is only true if the repair professional knows what they are doing. 


When Water Softener System Repairs Lead to Replacement

As the water in St. Charles, IL tends to be hard due to its aquifer sourcing, it is common to purchase a house with an out-of-date water softener system. It is a long-term purchase, but it doesn’t last a lifetime. In fact, the average length of life for a typical water softener system is 10-20 years. That means if you’re living in one house for decades, you might experience the need for a replacement instead of a repair. 

The benefits of repair are typically cost, especially if your water softener system is still within its expected lifespan. However, new water softeners offer technology and efficiency upgrades that may outweigh the cost benefit. Talk to your water softener specialist about your options when considering water softener system repair versus replacement, so you make the best decision for your water quality and your wallet.


We can help you determine if you just need a water softener repair in your St. Charles, IL home -- give us a call at 1-630-864-7078.


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