Water Softener Installation Improves Home Value

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 by Nick Koz

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Water Softener Installation Improves Home Value

When homeowners look for ways to improve their home's value, water softener installation is very low on the list. This is because most homeowners are thinking of aesthetics, square footage, and updated fixtures instead of improvements that are not readily visible. But water softeners are, in fact, an excellent home upgrade. Not only do you benefit from clear water for the rest of your time in the home, but the next homeowners do too. Much like updated plumbing and electrical, eliminating hard water can be a huge factor when attracting a home buyer. 

 Why is Hard Water a Factor in Home Value? 

The first thing a St. Charles, IL home buyer is going to look for in a potential home is not whether or not it has a water softener. However, they are going to look for signs of home upkeep and the quality of appliances. This is where your water softener will shine. It is a perk, but it is a big perk for the buyer. 

When someone sees a water softener already installed in a home for sale, they see a home that has been well-maintained. They see a home where plumbing has been used properly and appliances are not strained from mineral buildup. They see spot-free mirrors, they won’t see residue in the dishwasher. If new windows and an updated roof are essential ingredients for a home purchase, a water softener is more than icing on the cake. It adds value because it sends a message that the home’s appearance is not the proverbial “lipstick on a pig.” Its appearance of being well-maintained is genuine and it means one less thing the buyer will have to invest in. A water softener is like a stamp of approval to the potential buyer. 

What Monetary Value Does Water Softener Installation Add? 

The monetary value of a water softener might only be the cost of the water softener and the installation, and it is relatively hard to calculate. After all, how can you compute the cost of salability?

Some estimate that water softener installation increases the value of your home by roughly $5,000 to $10,000 as soon as it is installed. Some of this value is in the appliance itself, which can be used by the future homeowner. The rest of the value lies in the benefits caused by removing hard water from the home and protecting appliances.

What are the Benefits of Water Softener Installation? 

For the current and future homeowner, the benefits of water softener installation are seen and unseen.

  • Clear water: The first thing you will see is clearer water. Depending on the water coming from your well or municipal water source, minerals will cloud your water. Removing all that calcium and magnesium from the water entering your home has a clearing effect. These minerals are generally not harmful to your health, but who doesn’t want their water to be clear? 
  • Cleaner laundry: If you have considered water softener installation for your St. Charles, IL home, it might be because of discolored laundry. Hard water doesn’t mix well with soap, and your laundry ends up looking discolored because of soap residue that is left behind. 
  • Spot-free surfaces: Anyone who has dealt with hard water issues for any amount of time recognizes the nuisance of mineral spots that are left behind on glasses, dishes, faucets and otherwise shiny surfaces. Once the spots arrive, they’re difficult to remove, and why bother? The spots will be back unless you install a water softener. 
  • Appliance efficiency: Because minerals will build up in plumbing fixtures, they cause wear and tear on appliances. Your appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers, will run more efficiently and last longer with conditioned water. 
  • Better skin and hair: You can use the best of hair and skin care products, but if you have hard water, you’re still going to have problems. This is much like the laundry issue, where soap just doesn’t work as well in hard water. Nothing but cleanliness is left behind when you have a water softener. 

Low Cost and Maintenance Add to Home Value

The municipal water in St. Charles, IL comes from underground aquifers, which is an excellent water source in many cases. However, to get that water to homes it must travel through the ground, and it picks up minerals on the way. This means that residents in our area get hard water, and it also means that those with water softeners get all of the above benefits. There are very little downfalls to water softener systems. 

The only downfalls are the cost of the system and subsequent maintenance, and both of these are minimal. With lumber costs skyrocketing during and after the pandemic, water softeners are a reasonably-priced alternative to traditional home improvements. Furthermore, water softeners require very little maintenance. Some of this maintenance is only required every couple months or every couple of years depending on your system. 

A water softener installation for your St. Charles, IL home is a smart decision because you get clearer water and add value to your home. These are not the only benefits, as getting rid of hard water adds many positive effects to daily life. If you want to improve your home’s value for yourself and for future homeowners, consider a water softening system for your St. Charles, IL home.

If you’d like to have a conversation about a water softener installation for your St. Charles home call us at 1-630-864-7078.

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