Renting a Water Softener for Short-Term Use

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 by Nick Koz

Renting a water softener for short term use blog post

Many renters or people expecting to move from their home within a couple years forego purchasing a water softener because they don’t want to lose their investment. After all, the value of a water softener purchase correlates to the length of time you will have it. Thankfully, water filtration specialists have recognized this problem. These residents can now get a rental water softener in St. Charles, IL. 

Benefits of Renting a Water Softener

While there are many benefits to owning a water softener, most of these benefits also apply to renting one. The primary benefits are water quality (no hard water), money savings, and maintenance. 

No Hard Water

If you have a rental water softener in St. Charles, IL, you no longer have to deal with the disadvantages of hard water. This means your skin and hair will benefit. Your laundry will be cleaner. You won’t have spots on your dishes and windows. Appliances will last longer because they won’t have to handle hard water residue. All of these benefits affect a person in the short-term, even the appliances, which will run more efficiently. The benefits of water softeners affect all inhabitants regardless of how long they live in the home. 

Small Payments

The payments for a rental water softener in St. Charles, IL are less than you would pay to own the equipment, at least for a certain time period. This is the point where it pays to do a little math. Find out what the difference is between payments and ownership for the expected timeframe you will live at that address. Consider the potential that you will stay. 

Maintenance Included

Finally, maintenance is scheduled and included for your rental water softener. This can potentially be included or added to your water softener complete purchase as well, but it is nice to have everything included in one package for a low fee. Again, it is helpful to check with your water specialist to make sure a rental water softener is right for you in your St. Charles, IL home. 

Sometimes Renting Is Better

A rental water softener in St. Charles, IL is only better if it is going to save you money and add convenience. If it is, then it is the better option for your pocketbook and your peace of mind. Rental water softeners provide the same clear water that owned water softeners provide, and people in short-term living arrangements forget that they can have quality water without a large investment. Talk to your local water specialist about options for renting quality water softener equipment and enjoy the benefits for as long as you live in your home. 


If you’d like to start the conversation about a water softener rental for your St. Charles home call us at 1-630-864-7078.

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