Why You Should Invest in a Water Softening Service

Thursday, September 30th, 2021 by Nick Koz

Why You Should Invest in a Water Softening Service  blog image

Water softening systems are meant to be anything but a headache, but unfortunately, they do require some maintenance. This maintenance isn’t required often, and it would be excessive to do it more than every couple months. However, investing in a water softening service for your Batavia, IL home will ensure it gets done properly, and you can continue to have clear, high-quality water in your home.

What Maintenance Can a Water Softening Service Provide?

Many water softener owners think simply checking the salt level on their water softening system is enough to qualify as maintenance. There are many other things that a water softener professional will do to make sure your clear water lasts. They include:

       Cleaning Resin: While your resin is regenerated every few days, it can sometimes use a little extra cleaning. This is caused by buildup over time, but a cleanse can renew the resin beads to their original splendor (or close to it). This makes them last longer and work better.

       Cleaning Brine Tank: The brine tank in your water softener can experience a buildup of sludge, especially if quality salt isn’t used. Additionally, minerals will build up and mildew can form. This means your tank needs to be cleaned, and a water softener service will make sure it is cleaned thoroughly.

       Checking Valves: As you might imagine, the removal of minerals that would be building up in your pipes and water fixtures causes some buildup in your water softener. This is especially apparent in valves that may need cleaned or replaced. Only a trained water softener specialist will recognize the need for replacement or know how to properly clean the valve.

       Testing Water: Finally, your water softener specialist can check your Batavia, IL water and make sure your water softener is doing its job. You’ll probably notice if it isn’t, but a water test can alert you of any other water contaminants you should consider. Recognizing harmful bacteria or other contaminants in your water can make you aware of the need for further water filtration, for instance, at places where you’d like safe drinking water.

Water Softening Services So You Don’t Forget

 It is true that water softeners are low maintenance. It is also true that this low maintenance is what makes many homeowners forget to check their water softener. This is bad for water quality, but it can also result in more expensive repairs to your water heater. The easier solution is to invest in a water softening service for your Batavia, IL home. You’ll have clear water without the responsibility of remembering low-frequency maintenance.

If you’d like to have a conversation about a water softening service for your Batavia, Il home call us at 1-630-864-7078.

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