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Friday, October 22nd, 2021 by Nick Koz

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A water softener system for your home is a behind-the-scenes maintenance miracle worker. This is because the benefits of a water softener are so much more than a spot-free rinse. If you are considering a water softener system for your St. Charles, IL home, you will be pleased to know that the benefits will greatly outweigh the cost of this whole-home water filtration system.

What is a Water Softener System? 

A water softener system is a water filtration device that removes minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water. These minerals are typically responsible for “hard” water that is a nuisance to homeowners who are plagued with spotted dishes, dull laundry, and the other negative attributes of mineral scale. 

Water softener systems typically remove minerals through the use of resin beads with a negative ionic charge. The minerals are positively charged, which means they adhere to the beads because opposites attract. Water enters the home and passes through the water softener, and the minerals stick to the resin beads allowing the clearer water to pass through.

After the beads attract the minerals, which effectively removes them from the water, the beads must be cleaned. The water softener system cleans (regenerates) itself by flushing the beads with a salt and water solution. This brine is then flushed down the drain. 

Water softener systems are usually kept in non-visible locations such as basement or mechanical room. They may be housed in a garage or storage room. The location is dependent on the place where water enters the house, but it is almost always hidden. 

Therefore, a water softener system for your St. Charles, IL home does all of its work without being an eyesore, and the results can make a big difference in your quality of life. 

Do You Have Hard Water? 

Hard water typically comes from groundwater sources. The city water in St. Charles, IL comes from 2 aquifers. Wells are drilled into the aquifers, or groundwater sources. As the aquifers are replenished water passes through the different layers of our earth where it picks up minerals that make the water hard.

According to the City of St. Charles, all water in northern Illinois is likely to be hard. This means the level of total hardness, calcium and magnesium etc. is over 7.5 grains per gallon (gpg). 

This also means that if you live in St. Charles, you probably have hard water even if you are on a private well. Still, it is never a bad idea to have your water tested to check for other contaminants as well as hardness. 

Benefits of Water Softener Systems

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The benefits of water softener systems are basically the opposite of the effects of hard water. This means: 

  • No hard water spots on windows and dishes
  • Bright laundry that has no leftover soap residue
  • Better feeling skin and hair
  • More efficient cleaning (use less water and electricity)
  • Clearer, better-tasting water
  • Less wear on appliances
  • Reduced mineral buildup in plumbing

Improving Your Home’s Value

For the potential home buyer, a water softener system translates to value when looking at your home. It means that the home is well-maintained, and things aren’t going to fall apart after the home purchase. 

Most people are afraid of a home purchase becoming a money pit. Their fear of this is alleviated when they see things like water softeners that send the message that appliances and plumbing are going to last longer. They aren’t damaged from mineral buildup. 

For people who are familiar with the hard water in Illinois, they may also see one thing checked off their to-do list. While it doesn’t take long to install a water softener system, it is still a relief not to have to have an installation to deal with on top of the process of moving in. 

Water Softener Systems and Efficiency

Modern water softeners also focus on efficiency. Getting rid of hard water is inherently efficient because it makes appliances and plumbing last longer, but water softener systems can also be very efficient in their own filtration process.

When installed professionally, a water softener system can be calibrated to meet your specific water usage needs. This means less water softener maintenance, less wasted salt, and ensuring that your water softener responds to your peak daily usage needs. 

Professional Water Softener Installation Ensures Needs are Met

When you make the decision to rent or purchase a water softener system, make sure you include a professional installation to go along with it. You can install your own water softener, but mistakes can be costly, and calibration can be difficult. 

A professional installation ensures that you don’t have any disasters when you install your water softener, and it will run the way you need it to run. Removing the nuisance of hard water is reason enough to make the purchase, but having it professionally installed will guarantee that you experience every benefit of a water softener system.

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