Do I Need a Water Softening Service?

Friday, January 14th, 2022 by Nick Koz

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If you’re investing in a water softener, you care about the quality of water you have streaming through your plumbing and out your faucets. You are looking for water that is clear and won’t leave pesky mineral deposits behind. But water softeners do require maintenance, which is why you should hire a water softening service in Batavia, IL. 

Signs that Your Water Softener Needs Maintenance

Water softeners don’t require a lot of maintenance, which is part of their appeal. However, you will have hard water return if you don’t maintain your system. Signs that hard water is returning include: 

  • Mineral deposits (spots) on dishes
  • Laundry with dull colors and greyed whites
  • Mineral scale on sinks, tubs, and showers
  • Skin and hair dryness, brittle nails

There are also unseen effects of hard water such as the wear and tear that it has on your plumbing and appliances. Appliances that use house water last longer if they don’t have the added stress of minerals in the water they use. 

What Maintenance Do Water Softening Services Cover?

There are multiple actions that a water softening service will take to ensure you don’t ever have to worry about hard water problems. This maintenance is not frequent, but it is scheduled. This means your water softener will be checked regularly to ensure it is working properly and will continue to work in the future. 

Water softener maintenance includes: 

  • Checking brine tank for salt bridges or sludge
  • Inspecting and cleaning valves
  • Cleaning or replacing resin beads
  • Salt refills
  • Water testing

Why a Water Softening Service is Better Than DIY Maintenance

Some water softener maintenance can be done by the homeowner instead of hiring a water softening service in Batavia, IL. However, not all of the maintenance and repairs can be done by the layman. That is the biggest reason to hire a water softening service. They’ll handle the COMPLETE job of maintaining your water softener. 

Other advantages to hiring a water softening service include being on a regular schedule, so you don’t forget to inspect your water softener. A professional service will also be able to easily access any parts needed to keep your home water system running properly. Finally, professional water softening services know where to look, and they recognize when a problem arises. Then, they can fix it. 

A water softening service for your Batavia, IL water softener is a smart choice because it almost guarantees that you’ll never have to deal with the problems of hard water ever again. 

Let’s start the conversation about a water softening service. Call today: 1-630-864-7078.

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