5 Reasons Why You Want Your Water Softener to Work

Friday, February 25th, 2022 by Nick Koz

Once you have a water softener, you realize how much of a necessity it is when you live in an area with hard water. But you may not know, or you may forget about, the maintenance and water softener repairs that are required to maintain that clean and clear water.

If you are having trouble prioritizing water softener upkeep, here are 5 reasons why you want your St. Charles, IL water softener to work. 


5 Reasons Why You Want Your Water Softener to Work Blog Post

Reason One: Crystal Clear Windows and Dishes

Hard water is the high concentration of minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) in your tap water. These minerals build up on surfaces and leave behind spots, or scale, on your dishes and windows. Many people notice they need water softener repair in St. Charles, IL because they see these pesky spots return. If you want them gone for good, you must get rid of your hard water. 

Reason Two: Water and Energy Conservation

The minute your water softener stops working, other things stop working as efficiently. It takes more water at higher temperatures to get things less clean. This wastes resources including water and energy. If your water-using appliances aren’t working well, and your utility bills are always on the rise, having a working water softener will help. 

Reason Three: Clean and Longer-Lasting Clothes

High mineral content in your laundry water negatively impacts the appearance and longevity of your clothes. First of all, you’ll need more detergent and more water to get your clothes clean, which means more washing cycles and chemicals that break down fabrics. Secondly, hard water leaves residue on your clothing that makes it rough and dull. That roughness weakens the clothing fibers faster throughout many washings. If you want your laundry to feel good, look good, and last, make sure you maintain and repair your water softener.

Reason Four: Better Hair, Skin, and Fingernails

People go to great lengths to have better hair, skin, and fingernails, and a water softener can help. Most of the problem cleaning with hard water is that it renders soap ineffective…or at least less effective. Soap and mineral buildup dries the skin and nails, and hair becomes dull and lifeless. If your St. Charles water softener is in need of repair, your hair, skin, and fingernails will pay the price. 

Reason Five: Saving Money

Finally, you want to keep your water softener in working order because it saves money. Some money is saved in reduced utility bills, but much more can be saved in the replacement costs of clothes and appliances, not to mention the cost of extra skin, hair, and cleaning products! The cost of the water softener repair or purchase is justified when you consider all the ways that it can save you money. 

You Want Your Water Softener to Work Continuously

If you need a water softener repair for your St. Charles, IL home, it isn’t something to put off or delay. That is because any time spent with hard water is time when minerals will build up and wreak havoc on life. The benefits of water softeners are plentiful, and you want to maintain your high-quality water continuously, for at least as long as you live in the home.

If you’d like to start the conversation about a maintenance on your water softener for your St. Charles, Il home call us at 1-630-864-7078.


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