Better Than Bottled: Why You Need a Reverse Osmosis System

Better Than Bottled: Why You Need a Reverse Osmosis System Blog Image

Selecting a whole house filter to ensure that clean and safe water comes out of your faucet is empowering. A reverse osmosis (RO) system for your St. Charles, IL home gives you pure, contaminant-free water to drink that is safe and tastes great. You have control over the quality of water you drink, and an RO system provides some of the best H2O imaginable.

How is RO-filtered water better than bottled?

People who are conscientious about the quality of their drinking water might turn to bottled water in order to avoid contaminants. The truth is that most bottled water is no better than the water that flows from the tap. The contaminants that are allowed in St. Charles, IL municipal water are similarly allowed in water packaged and approved by the FDA. Those contaminants include: 

  • Arsenic
  • Chromium
  • Cyanide
  • Lead
  • Nitrite
  • Selenium

Once you know what is allowed in “approved” drinking water, a whole house filter seems more like a requirement rather than a luxury. 

RO Filtration is Better Than Other Filtration

Water filters can be attached to pitchers, faucets and refrigerator water dispensers to remove some contaminants from drinking water. None of these options offers the superior filtration of reverse osmosis. 

Reverse osmosis filtration uses multiple filters to remove toxins from tap water. These filters include a sediment filter, charcoal filters and a semi-permeable RO membrane. The end result is pure, clean, safe, clean drinking water. No other whole house filter in your St. Charles, IL home will provide purer water. 

Safe and Better-Tasting Water with Reverse Osmosis

The safety of your drinking water is monitored by government agencies. For example, the EPA sets acceptable levels of contaminants for municipal water sources. Your local water division is responsible for meeting those standards, but there are still contaminants in this “safe” water. The only way to remove them is to take your water quality into your own hands. 

Water divisions also treat the water that comes to your home in order to make it safe. The chemicals used in treatment do kill harmful bacteria and viruses, but they also affect the taste of your water. Filtering out these chemicals leaves you with the taste of pure water, and no water can taste better. 

The Best Water Comes from Reverse Osmosis Systems

Each type of whole house filter available in the St. Charles, IL area has its place. Reverse osmosis systems are the best option for clean, safe, and great-tasting water that is contaminant-free. The only way to ensure that you have the best water flowing from your faucets is to invest in an RO system. 

If you’d like to start the conversation about a Reverse Osmosis System for your St. Charles, Il home call us at 1-630-864-7078.

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