Who Do I Call for Water Softener Repair

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The great thing about water softeners is that when they are doing their job you don’t even know they are there. They are low maintenance, keep your appliances and clothes clean and bright, keep your skin and hair healthy, and keep your plumbing from becoming corroded. However, if you run into a problem with your water softener, it’s good to know who to call to get the problem solved quickly and easily.

Before we discuss who to call, it’s a good idea to know some signs that you might need a water softener repair for your St. Charles, IL home. 

  • Scale Buildup – You notice water spots on your shower door or glassware, or a hard, white substance around your faucets
  • Changes in clothing – Your clothes used to feel soft, but are now scratchy, fading, or changing in color
  • Stains around drains and faucets – Orange or red colored stains start to appear in the drains of your tub, shower, or sink
  • Changes in water pressure –Minerals from hard water build up in your pipes over time, which can slow the flow of water and decrease the water pressure.
  • Water doesn’t feel the same – You need more soap and shampoo to create a lather, and your skin feels dry or filmy after a shower.
  • Change in the taste of the water – The taste of your water has changed without an obvious reason.
  • Increased Salt Usage – You notice that you are having to replace the salt in your water softener more often. 

If you think that you have a problem with your water softener, the time to call a professional is now. Taking care of the problem right away will ensure that you don’t start doing damage to your plumbing system and appliances that use water. Even more importantly, you want to catch any issues that will cause a water leak that would lead to major damage to your home.

The best person to call for a water softener repair for your St. Charles, IL home is a professional that sells and installs water softeners. These are professionals that specialize in water softening and filtration systems, and are knowledgeable about various types and models of water softeners.

Prairie State Water Solutions are experienced professionals who can quickly diagnose a problem with your water softener and offer water softener repair solutions. Call us at 1-630-864-7078.

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