Key Benefits of a Water Softener

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Hard water contains salts of calcium and magnesium, and sometimes even iron. Having a water softener system installed in your St. Charles, IL home can minimize the negative impacts that hard water has on your belongings, your home, and your family.


Your Personal Items

Hard water leaves mineral deposits behind on everything it comes in contact with. Having hard water means that your clean dishes don’t look that way, your clothing looks dingy or changes color, and your sinks and appliances have stains on them. This leads to a lot of cleaning, as well as replacing items more often, which can become costly over time. Having a team perform water softener installation services for your St. Charles, IL home can start saving you money right away. An added benefit is that your clothes will feel softer, as well as brighter.


Your Family

If hard water is damaging your appliances and clothing, think about what it is doing to your skin and hair. Just as hard water is damaging to those other items, it is also leaving mineral deposits on your body that are difficult to rinse off. The result is skin and hair that looks and feels less than healthy.


Hard water can cause your skin to be extremely dry, and can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Not only does is dry out your hair, as well, but can cause breakage and fade color-treated hair more quickly.


Your Home

Not only does hard water have an outward effect, but it does damage to your internal plumbing system and appliances, as well. The buildup of calcium and magnesium on faucets and showerheads is not only unsightly, but causes them to corrode. The same thing happens to the metal in your pipes. Over time, your pipes corrode, which can lead to them break and leak, causing costly plumbing replacements and home repairs. The problem is, you can’t see the problem, so people often only find out when there is a major problem. Prairie State Water Solutions provides water softener system installation services to keep your St. Charles, IL home from experiencing the negative impact of hard water.


Water softener system installation services St. Charles IL counteracts the negative impact that hard water has on your home, your belongings and your family. You have healthier skin and hair, longer lasting clothing and dishes, and less disruptive, costly repairs that can be caused by hard water.


Call Prairie State Water Solutions for a free consultation and estimate for water softener installation services for your St. Charles, IL home at 1-630-864-7078.

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