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Great-tasting water can be great for our health because it promotes increased water intake and, let’s face it, getting in those sixty-four ounces a day can be tough. Besides better taste, however, there is another reason that installing a water filtration system in your Naperville, IL, home can be better for you.


Recent health advisories from the EPA warn about the dangers of PFAS in our water supply. These chemicals have been leeching from products such as water-repellent fabrics and non-stick cookware for years, and are being found in water throughout the country, including Chicago and the surrounding areas. In fact, treated water from Lake Michigan has been found to contain PFAS and is delivered to over 5 million homes in the city and suburbs. These chemicals do not leave the body and can cause cancer, obesity, and cholesterol, for example. Fortunately, you can remove these chemicals from your Naperville, IL, home’s water with the right water filtration system.


Prairie State Water Solutions offers water filtration systems that rid your water of these dangerous chemicals, so you can be sure you and your family have a safe water supply. When paired with the carbon block cartridge, the ONE Contaminant Reduction System removes PFAS, as well as lead, and other chemicals from your drinking water.


The system is made for whole-house filtration, so the water you drink from any faucet will be safe. The ONE™ System also comes with reduced pressure drop and high flow rate capacities, to support high water usage and large families. The exclusive design prevents debris from gathering at the bottom of the filter, which helps extend the life of the cartridge. The cartridges are easy to maintain and replace, with a screw-on, snap-in assembly, which will save you both time and money.


In addition to providing a safe water supply to your home, the ONE™ Contaminant and Reduction System offers other benefits. For example, it provides odor reduction and improved taste to your Naperville, IL, home’s water supply.


At Prairie State Water Solutions, our team is knowledgeable about water, local water sources, and solutions for your home. We specialize in products that improve the quality of water and work with our clients to find the best solutions for their homes.


You can learn more about the dangers of PFAS in our drinking water, and talk to our experts by calling 1-630-864-7078.  



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