Keeping Your Home's Value in a Down Economy

Keeping Your Home’s Value in a Down Economy blog image


When the economy is down, the last thing that anyone wants to do is spend more money. Watching expenses is definitely a smart idea. However, there may be things that you should be considering to keep your Naperville, IL home’s value up in an economy that is down.


The quality of your home’s water is one thing you should consider for the overall “health” of your home. Just as drinking quality water can have a positive impact on your body over time, running quality water through your home will keep your home’s plumbing system working well for decades to come.


The first thing that you should do is determine the hardness and quality of your home’s water. You can find a water quality report from the municipality that supplies your water. You can also have your water tested by water quality professionals, such as Prairie State Water Solutions. If you find that you have hard water, having a water softener installed can ensure that you are taking care of your home’s plumbing system and keeping it working efficiently.


Hard water might seem harmless, and you may even think it’s a problem you can take care of later. The reality is that every day that hard water runs through your home, you are damaging your plumbing and water fixtures.


Hard water creates calcifications that build up in your plumbing system. This corrodes your pipes and, over time, weakens them to the point that you may end up with leaks or, even worse, a burst pipe. The cost to repair and replace the plumbing and any damage to your Naperville, IL home can be astronomical.


If you have hard water, you may notice that you have scale built up on and around your plumbing fixtures, such as around your faucets. Over time, hard water also stains sinks and toilets, and causes the same damage to your water fixtures as it does to your pipes. This includes the water lines to your refrigerator, freezer and washing machine.


When you decide to sell your home, the quality and taste of the water may be of importance to potential buyers. Moreover, the value of your home will be effected by the appearance and quality of your water fixtures and appliances. Waiting to install or replace a water softener may save you a little money in the short term, however it will cost you a lot more to replace these items prematurely and, if left alone, will negatively impact the value of your Naperville, IL home.


Take care of your home health the same way you do yourself and your family. To learn more about water softeners and to get a free quote, call 1-630-864-7078


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