Reasons to Get a Water Softener

reasons to get a water softener


Reasons to get a Water Softener 

The water we use in our home plays a big role in our everyday lives. Most homes contain “hard” water within their pipes. This means that a build up of minerals has occurred within your pipes, causing your water to become dense in calcium and magnesium, which can lead to short term problems like dry and itchy skin out of the shower or even long term effects like cardiovascular disease. To help combat the hard water in your home, a water softener would be a great addition. Here are some positives to adding a water softener to your St. Charles, IL home. 


Overall Health: The most important thing you can control is your health, and water is one of the most important factors to maintaining it. By purchasing a water softener in St Charles, IL, you will be able to filter out the minerals in your tap water, making your skin feel healthier, give your hair more texture and volume, and improve your overall cleanliness. 


Dishes and Laundry: Hard water typically requires more effort and usage of soap to clean your clothes as well as your dishes. Filtering out the minerals that create hard water in your home can make your clothes feel softer, and help your dishes keep their shine for a longer time. Adding a water softener to your St. Charles, IL,  home will limit your soap usage as well. Soft water is able to mix with the contents of standard dish soap easier than hard water, allowing for less soap usage, and a better clean. 


Food and Drink: Soft water not only feels good on the skin, but when used for making drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, the difference in flavor is immense. Since soft water filters out the minerals that could alter the taste of your drink. With the addition of a water softener to your St. Charles home, you will see an immediate difference in the quality of your drinks. 


Pipe Protection: Hard water contains calcium and magnesium carbonate ions, which leads to the buildup of limescale, which during the deposition of these contents can cause your pipes to clog or backup. A water softener would be able to completely remove this problem, saving time, money, and energy trying to fix a preventable problem.


At Home Car Washes. Similar to the effect on dishes, if you decide to wash your car at home with hard water, it may take away the natural shine of your car, as well as leave streaks along the car, which can prevent it from looking its best. Soft water filters out the contents that create these streaks, making washing your car at home just as good as running through your local car wash. 


Water Heat: The minerals in hard water make the time to heat up water a lot longer. Soft water already has the minerals filtered out, making the water easier to heat up. So if you’re waiting an extended amount of time for your shower to heat up in the morning, install a water softener in your St. Charles IL, home is an option to consider. 


Water Pressure: Without the contents of hard water clogging your shower and faucet holes, the pressure of each appliance will be greatly improved, leading to more satisfying showers, and easier cleaning. 


Money: Although adding a water softener to your St Charles, IL, home costs more money up front, the amount you will save will be worth it. Soft water allows for a longer appliance life, less dish/detergent use, and better plumbing. Eliminating these problems will save you from burning a hole through your pocket, with unnecessary extra cost.  


For more information on water softener installation, contact Prairie State Water Solutions, Inc. at 1-630-864-7078.


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