Signs You Need a Water Softener

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There's no question that a water softener in your St Charles, IL, home is definitely an upgrade; however, this does not mean that it is not a necessity. Although the only way to be completely sure you need a water softener is to test the current quality of your water, you can still look out for signs that indicate your water is not up to par.  Whether you just noticed some of these problems, or have had them for a long time, here are some signs that you may need to add a water softener to your home.

Dry Skin: One of the first things you may notice is your skin can become irritated and dry. This is because the natural oil levels in your skin are thrown out of balance when the minerals from hard water enter into your pores. This takes away the natural moisture your skin has, and can also cause acne if proper moisture isn’t restored.

Constant Plumbing Issues: When hard water is constantly passing through your pipes, the minerals that are flowing through will build up over time. This can lead to clogged pipes and water flow issues throughout your entire home. It can also lead to poor water heater production, as the calcium and magnesium will build up in the hot water heater and force it to work harder to produce warm water faster. Adding a water softener to your St. Charles, IL, home will eliminate these problems, allowing for more efficient water flow as well as better water temperature. It will also increase the lifetime of your water heater.

Laundry: Hard water doesn’t allow for soaps and laundry detergents to break down properly, leading to a less effective wash on laundry day. Not having a water softener in your St. Charles, IL, home can lead to either clothes still smelling unfresh, leftover residue that leaves your clothes feeling greasy, or becoming rough since the clothing retains the soap which can further irritate your skin.

Stains: Hard water can not only affect your skin and clothes, but it can also affect your sink and bathtubs as well. The excess magnesium and calcium and other minerals that are in hard water can leave behind yellowish stains that can be extremely hard to get out no matter what method you use. The installation of a water softener can filter out these minerals, leaving the sinks and tubs in your St. Charles, IL, home looking bright and fresh.


Now that you know some of the damages hard water can do, it might be time to consider adding a water softener to your St Charles, IL, home. For more information on water softener installation contact Prairie State Water Solutions at 1-630-864-7078. 


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