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If you own a commercial or residential property that uses a lot of water, it's important to be aware of the dangers of hard water. If left untreated, excessive hard water use can lead to damaged pipes, expensive plumbing repairs, and less than ideal water conditions. But Prairie Water Solutions, located in St. Charles, IL, is here to help with our outstanding services.

When you contact us for a water softener rental, we can provide your property with safe water that won't damage your pipes or drains and will supply your property with the reliable water you deserve. We pride ourselves on the commitment we have to the safety of your source of water.

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Reliable Rental Water Softener

When you contact our team to discuss the installation of a rental water softener, we can first discuss some of the signs that you need our water softening equipment. Some indicators of hard water damage can be quite noticeable, whereas others are quite small. If you've started to notice staining on your drains and sinks, this is a sign your water is hard and the minerals are beginning to damage your sinks.

Another sign is dry skin and hair. Hard water is not able to rinse out soap as well as soft water, and dried-up soap can damage your skin and hair. With a water softener rental, you can enjoy safe and clean water that will effectively rinse out the soap and not stain your sinks.

Additionally, hard water can lead to higher utility bills. This is because mineral buildup can cause clogs and forces your water system to work harder than it should. With a rental water softener, you can save money on costly bills with clear running water.

Friendly Customer Service Experts

So reach out to Prairie State Water Solutions to learn more about our services and how our water softener rentals can help improve your plumbing and water system. Contact us at 1-630-864-7078 for more information.

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